Posted by: tufu2 | September 14, 2007

Nihao World!

This is my journal about my experiences as a teacher of English on exchange from Missouri State University, USA to Qingdao University in Shandong Province People’s Republic of China.

My husband Michael and I are in our second year (with a couple in between) of teaching at Qingdao University. Having been at Qingdao University as teachers in 2003-04 we are excited to be able to renew our friendships with the hospitable, friendly teachers, students, administrators and staff we met previously. We have managed to stay in touch with many of our Chinese friends over the past three years. And some of these friends have been able to come to our university MSU to teach or to study.

This year we are looking forward to meeting more new friends, teaching the bright, eager young people at Qingdao University as well as traveling to new places in our second favorite country! I hope you enjoy the infomation, photos and (hopefully) video I will provide so you can learn about and get a sense of what this “mysterious” and vast land of 1.4 billion people is really like.